Bradley laughs at Algieri claiming he is faster than him. Says, Pacquiao will teach him lesson

Just recently, former WBO and two-time WBC junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley was having an interview for his upcoming fight in December at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to face Diego Chaves. Along the way, he was asked to watch a video clip of Chris Algieri claiming that he is faster than the former champ.

Bradley laughs at Algieri

Bradley, bursted in laughter after hearing Algieri's words.

"Algieri is faster than me, are you serious?", asked Bradley.

With his utter disbelief on what he just saw, he warned the Italian and Argentine origin Algieri about what is going to happen on November 22 when he faces Manny Pacquiao.

On November 22, Algieri is going to learn what "Fast" is all about.

"Manny Pacquiao? lightning fast feet, reflexes, angles.. he gonna see what that's like. he definitely is. Good luck to him, good luck to him.", Bradley added.

Watch the video:

Don't forget to tune in for Pacquiao vs. Algieri fight on November 22, live streaming from the Cotai Arena in Venetian Macau - Macau, China.

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