Chris Urbano of 'Maputing Cooking' interviews 'Bogart The Explorer' in Sydney. Who's the real Aussie?

In a travel encounter in Sydney, Chris Urbano, host of 'Maputing Cooking' had a the chance to pull off an interview with Philippine's 'Bogart The Explorer' of PaperBugTV.

Maputing Cooking interviews Bogart The Explorer

Find out what the tandem has got in the following video; It can even prompt to ask you, who is the real Aussie?

Even more: What are Chris and Bogart's Aussie nicknames?

Watch: Chris Urbano interviews Bogart The Explorer video

Chris Urbano is an Australian cooking enthusiast living in Manila. He loves the Philippines, the culture and food, hence his Maputing Cooking, which he launched on Youtube sometime in 2013.

Bogart The Explorer or Marco Ho is a "Filipino Crocodile Dundee" from Davao, and he acts as the parody of the late wildlife explorer and expert Steve Irwin.

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