LEAKED VIDEO: Live lungfish removed from man's stomach via operation

An eel-like fish or South American lungfish was successfully removed from a man's stomach by way of operation in a certain university hospital in Brazil.

Live fish from a man's stomach

Such kind of fishes can grow up to 125 cm or 4.10 ft long, surgeons say. It is locally known as 'piramboia'.

A Daily Mail UK report said, the live lungfish was taken out from the man's intestine.

The graphic footage of the operation may be sensitive to some so precaution has to be taken.

Watch: Live South American lungfish (eel-like fish) taken out alive from a man's intestine video:

In the background, nurses and other crews inside the operating room can be heard laughing, while some were even cheering at what they saw coming out from the man's stomach.

Since the man involved in the operation was unaware of the filming, he made a formal complaint afterwards.

Apparently, staff did the video recording.

The video material trended online after it was uploaded on LiveLeak.

In response to the complaint, "NĂ¡dina Moreno, dean of the university, has now banned the use of cell phones inside the surgical centres", Daily Mail UK reported.

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