MMDA enforcer selling rice cakes in EDSA to face complaint from commuters-motorists group

A group of commuters-motorists is on the way to filing a complaint against the MMDA enforcer whose photo while selling rice cakes in EDSA trended on the Internet.

mmda-selling-kakanin complaint

Sometime this month, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcer Fernando Gonzales literally ambushed the social media through a photograph of him selling rice cakes to the motorists passing EDSA  corridor.

At the very outset, there has been a mix of reactions towards Gonzales' routine but in the end, he earned enormous praises and even commendation, including a salary upgrade bestowed by the MMDA Chairman himself, Mr. Francis Tolentino.

Gonzales also made it to the national TV; He was even interviewed on GMA Network's Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS).

Later on, a lot of questions lingered: Is it alright for the MMDA enforcer to sell his personal goods while on uniform?

Isn't it an abuse of authority?

In the interviews, it was clearly elucidated that Mr. Gonzales sells rice cakes while off duty, albeit using his MMDA uniform.

The MMDA chairman's reaction is rather general in nature, under the context of honoring Gonzales' character.

"We honor the character of the person irrespective of what attire he is wearing", Chairman Tolentino said in an interview.

Meanwhile, according to a video released by TV5 online, Gonzales is actually forcing people to buy his goods.

One motorist even said, he was once flagged by Gonzales at EDSA Balintawak sometime in September. He was asked [forced] to buy 3 pieces of tupig, a glutinous rice delicacy.

The commuters-motorists group intends to file a complaint to the Civil Service Commission on the grounds of violation of code of conduct of a public servant.

Watch the video report:

Source: TV5

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