More on electric cables crossing footbridges in Metro Manila. This is getting epidemic!

Netizens notice photos showing electric cables crossing footbridges in Metro Manila.

Metro Manila is so much into battling against its rapidly growing built environments. So much so against its seemingly deteriorating capacity to react rationally to certain immediate development and safety related issues and concerns.

Sadly, almost always, things in the form of projects and perhaps, "mitigating measures" were just knee-jerk reactions.

Along the way, things tend to look like mere products of experimentations; Let alone unplanned options, rules and regulations. Trial and error thing at its best.

Just take a close look at this supposed facility wherein people may cross the other side of the road safely. It's a footbridge somewhere along Quirino Highway, near Kingspoint, Novaliches, Quezon City.

electric cables crossing footbridges

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electric cables crossing footbridges

This bridge was constructed in 2012. Noticed the electric cables crossing the steps of the bridge? They can even be mistaken as the bridge's handrails. These days, the (real) stainless rails were almost gone in total. To where? To the junks hops.

Salute to those who brave this kind of a manifest electric trap right in the middle of a busy district. Men, women and children cross this bridge from sun up to sun down and they do not even mind the clear and present danger waiting for them. Rain or shine, they cross.

CoolBuster also featured two photographs of footbridges of the same nature.

We would guess, there are more of them within the depths of the metro jungle.

So this is "unsafe safety facility"?

What are your takes?

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