The next grand champion of The Voice? Man sings 'To Love Somebody'- Amazing!

Meet Roland Abante from Cebu and be prepared for what he has in store for you, once you get to watch his video below featuring his singing caliber.

Rolando Bunot Abante covers To Love Somebody

Mr. Abante was filmed in a certain house, seemingly enjoying one common Filipino past time - karaoke singing.

The video of Abante singing Bee Gees' 1977 hit "To Love Somebody" went viral on social media sites.

The Cebu born local singer has been getting praises from the netizens.

Roland Abante, also known as "Bunot" is one fine singer in the making, should he get the precious chance to be exposed in the main media.

Watch: Rolando "Bunot" Abante singing 'To Love Somebody' by Bee Gees

There is a lot of "To Love Somebody" covers out there on Youtube, but so far this guy got the most powerful voice.

What are your thoughts on Mr. Abante's talent?

Props to Lionheart.TV for featuring the video on its Facebook page.

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