Passenger gets shocking bill of $1,500 for using in-flight Internet

CEO of online magazine, Jeremy Gutsche got a shocking bill of $1,500 after using an in-flight Internet service of a Singapore Airliner during a flight from London to Singapore.

Singapore Airlines in flight internet service

Gutsche racked up about 155-page views, which are mostly email related accesses.

"At one point, I spent about an hour uploading one 4MB PowerPoint doc", Gutsche said on his website.

At the present, Singapore Airlines offers two price plans for its in-flight connectivity service, 1) Volume-based (e.g. US$9.99 for 10 MB) and 2) time-based (e.g. US$11.95 for 1 hour).

The CEO availed of the package that will allow him to spend 30MB for US$28.99. He went overboard then got got the whooping bill of S$1,142.47.

Compared to other airlines, Emirates offers passengers free use of the first 10MBs of data.

Meanwhile, Emirates CEO Sir Tim Clark believes that in-flight Internet service is bound to become free, just like on-board meals in a standard full-service airline.
Ultimately, we believe that on board Wi-Fi will become a free service, and a standard that customers will expect on a full-service airline, just like onboard refreshments and personal in-flight entertainment.
Singapore Airlines said, it is now investigating the case of Gutsche.

Source: AsiaOne World

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