Starmobile expands retail domains in 7-Eleven stores

Dubbed as first in the country, Starmobile moved to expand its retailing domain; Starmobile units are now being sold in selected 7-Eleven stores in the country.

Starmobile in 711 stores

The following 7-Eleven branches sell Starmobile units since Friday last week:

1. Rotonda in Pasig City,
2. One San Miguel Avenue in Mandaluyong
3. National University
4. Far Eastern University
5. University of the East
6. University of Santo Tomas

According to an article published on Yahoo PH, there will be "at least 60 more 7-Eleven stores across the nation will sell Starmobile devices before the year ends."

While this may appear as a good news to those who wanted to avail of Starmobile units while on the go, netizens find the move ridiculous. One article commenter said, 7-Eleven stores are prone to robbery compared to the malls.

Another person said, it's a desperate move for Starmobile.
Desperate move for star mobile, who the hell are the brain child behind all of this So called Marketing Idea? Shoplifters Paradise hehehe.
Whatever the fate Starmobile has in store for this particular market expansion, truth remains that its mobile units will be far more available to those who do not have the luxury to spend time at the malls, which are usually limited in terms of time of operation in a day.

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