Venice to fine tourists pulling wheeled suitcases for $630

Venice is going to ban noisy suitcases on wheels!? Be in the know!

Venice bans noisy suitcases on wheels

Among the multitude of problems Italy is facing, suitcases seem to be on top of the discussion table at the moment.

Venice is looking to the possibility of imposing fines to tourists who would be pulling suitcases with noisy wheels.

For sure, one wheeled suitcase will be fine but how about 60,000 of them each day? That's referring to the volume of visitors the city receives from time to time. On the said ground, Venice council is hoping to start applying the fine by the month of May next year.

Tourists caught rolling their suitcases along "Venice's scenic, car-less streets, bridges, and passageways will be liable for a 500 euro ($630) fine.", The Week wrote.

"Venetians are exempt.", the online news portal added.

Venice would like to minimize the wear and tear induced on its paving stones and bridges, hence the move.

Luggage with inflatable wheels will not be subjected to the future ban.

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