WARNING: Regular taxi cabs at NAIA imposing dollar fare rates to potential OFW passengers

A regular taxi cab flashed a fare matrix based on dollar currency, said one regular passenger.

taxicab with dollar fare rate

It's holiday season again and from what many know, opportunistic individuals tend to roam around the metro to hunt for potential victims using their tricks and other malicious schemes.

If there are "choosy" taxi cabs, there also dollar fare matrix bearers, so beware specially if you are an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW), or at least, you look like one.

Mr. Nitura shared his story wherein, he was able to board a regular taxi cab at the NAIA Terminal 2. Suspecting he just fetched an OFW, the taxi driver immediately flashed a so-called dollar fare rate.

Trying to find what more the driver would do, Mr. Nitura contested that the fare was way too much. He said:
Bawal ang ginagawa nyo!, Regular taxi ka lang at walang accreditation, nanloloko kayo ng pasahero! (What you are doing is prohibited. You are just a regular taxi, and without accreditation. You deceive passengers)
Mr. Nitura then flashed his media ID. The driver offered to drive him back to the terminal.

The media man suspected that the guards stationed in the area have some malicious collaborations with the said cab drivers.

Here's Mr. Nitura's Facebook post on November 16:

Story and photos are all due credits to Mr. Nitura.

Hat tip to Bim Barbieto for posting the story on his Facebook timeline.

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