Wildlife hunting in UP Diliman campus?

'Wildlife needs to stay wild for their sake', said Lu-Ann Fuentes-Bajarias, a frequent visitor of the UP Lagoon to take pictures of kingfishers, parrots, and waterhens among many others.

Black Bittern (Dupetor flavicollis) in U.P. Diliman

But one day, Lu-Ann and her husband witnessed a horrifying killing of one of the hard-to-come-by bird species in the supposed wildlife sanctuary in the campus.

A group of men killed an elusive Black Bittern (Dupetor flavicollis) while wandering the lagoon. Apparently, they have been combing the area to look for crabs, fish and whatever things they may consider delights on the dining table.

Three men proudly held up a lifeless Black Bittern.

"Mads", Lu-Ann's husband said, the bird is among the difficult species to find in the campus. But the men above just killed one that easy, feeling like they were not breaking any law.

Lu-Ann recalled the public uproar regarding the case of a mother and her daughters photographed cutting and picking sunflowers along the University Avenue. "surely, we can't only be a handful feeling this strongly about enforcing No Hunting within campus?", Lu-Ann asked.

From the Facebook timeline of "Mads" (Amado Bajarias Jr.),
We reported the killing and showed the photos to two guards. I really hope U.P.'s guards understand that the place is a sanctuary for wildlife, and understand the concept of respecting wildlife. I hope the U.P. leadership does something to protect more effectively the wildlife that seek shelter in its grounds. What a waste of life.
Here's the full story of Lu-Ann we found on her Facebook page, used with prior permission.

Such a tragic scene. We really hope that the university will take immediate action to address this issue.

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jp carlos said...

This is such a sad scene. I love going to UP Diliman. I hope they do something about these people. I studied in UP Diliman and during my time the UP lagoon was undergoing some improvements. With this news, I seems UP requires more security.