Sony playstation tries to revive network after Christmas hack attack

Christmas cyber attack on Sony PlayStation services was a serious blow to the gaming portal, but it is now slowly restoring its gaming services network.

Sony Christmas cyber attack

The hack attack shut down Xbox systems, and the aftermath is now in its third day.

In a bid to get its systems back online, Sony urged its players to render extra patience as its PS4, PS3, and Vita system were hoped to be back online soon.

Sony was attacked by hackers who call themselves "Lizard Squad".

According to a person who claims to be the group's spokesman, they had done the action to raise awareness about the shortcomings of the of the game's security systems.

"We are also doing it to amuse ourselves.", the man added, said BBC.

Microsoft and Sony are still clueless where the cyber attack on its systems originated.

On Saturday morning, PlayStation support posted a message on Twitter saying:

"Update: PS4, PS3, and Vita network services are gradually coming back online - thanks for your patience"

Were you affected by this Christmas cyber attack on Sony PlayStation services? What are your thoughts and experiences?

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