Barangay in Cavite bans playing DOTA in Internet shops

Barangay Salawag in Cavite just passed a resolution that bans playing DOTA or computer game "Defense of the Ancients" in the Internet shops.

Dota ban in cavite salawag

The move was decided during a regular meeting of the Salawag barangay officials on January 5 (Mon), 2015.

The Barangay resolution stated that DOTA has become the youth's favorite computer game, and that along the way, it has also become one of the reasons why they get into troubles.

DOTA has also pushed the youth to become more violent, and even engage in the acts of swindling and stealing just to be able to play, the meeting highlighted.

Due to related incidents and complaints, the councilors who attended the above-mentioned meeting agreed to put up the ban.

Violation of the "DOTA ban" shall face the the following fines / penalties:

First offense: 1-month suspension of the Internet shop
Second offense: Revocation of business permit
Third offense: Permanent closure of the Internet shop, plus a lifetime no-issuance of business permit

Here is the copy of the DOTA ban resolution passed by Barangay Salawag, Cavite:

DOTA ban barangay salawag cavite resolution

Are you a DOTA gamer? An Internet shop owner? What are your takes on this?

Thanks to Mark Jonah Dela Cruz for posting the heads up on Facebook.

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