Batmobile baby stroller, anyone? (Video)

Batmobile baby stroller, anyone? (Video)

Are you a batman superfan? If you are a dad and would like to have something that you can use to bond with your little kids, wouldn't you want to own this awesome stroller?

batmobile baby stroller

They say, every superfan dreams of having something of an "ultimate collectible" so to speak. Some go out of their way to buy, while some build on their own.

This family featured below is so lucky to have been chosen by the Super-Fan Builds to receive a one-of-a-kind item based on their wish list.

Super-Fan Builds is a "Hollywood top prop maker". They fabricate almost everything, such as characters and other items on comic books, video games, and movies among others.

Watch the video:

The people behind the fabrication of the Batmobile baby stroller are the following:

Tim Baker – Designer/Master Builder
Stacy Henning -- Shop Foreman
Shawny Martin -- Sculptor/Jeweler
Erica Honles-Martin — Sculptor/Fabricator

Watch more of their videos on Youtube:

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