Fake or Real image? Motorcyclist from El Salvador runs over dog, posts photo on Facebook, faces petition

A man named Roby Ortiz Magana from El Salvador is now facing a petition filed by animal rights activists due to a supposed "animal cruelty".

According to Petition Hub, Magana changed his Facebook name into Alessandro Anchelote. He also changed his city of residence into Rome, Italy.

While animal cruelty is globally condemned, a thorough analysis has to be carried out before any legal moves shall be undertaken. In the case of Magana, he succumbed to a petition, wherein if granted, he will be prosecuted.

By quick image inspection, the photo posted by Magana looks like edited. If you take a look at the dog's body lying on the road, it seems like smoothly plastered on the pavement. The dog's front limbs and head lack shadows.

Take a good look at the dog on the concrete and conclude for yourself.

Roby Ortiz Magana

Does Magana deserve the petition? Wasn't he pre-judged?

Image: Grabbed from http://www.petitionhub.org

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