WATCH: Filipino guys compile and sing 'The 90s kids song' (Original)

Meanwhile in the music land, two Filipino guys compiled various original Filipino songs in the 90s, which were generally used during most kids' usual play times.

The 90s kids song by Mark Belleza and Darrel Villahermosa

They might not have included all of your favorite songs but they've indeed covered quite a lot in their original.

The two Filipino guys are Mark Belleza Rosales (Singer) and
Darrel Villahermosa Llanes (Singer/Guitarist).

On December 20, 2014, Mark posted a video on his Facebook account, singing the "The 90s kids song" with his friend Darrel. So far, the said post has gotten 2,278 shares already. There is a big chance that their amazing musical score will get viral in the social media.

If you are one of the kids of the 90s, this video is for you!

Watch pinoys sing original "The 90s kids song":

Alternate video:

Here is Darrel's Facebook page:

Here is Mark's:

If you can relate to the songs featured above, you might want to give the talented guys big thumbs up by sharing their video online.

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