Filipino security guard covers Brian McKnight’s “Back at One”. Amazing acapella

Philippines is such a country with pool of talents in many fields. The world had witnessed this living fact many times over already. To add to this wonderful résumé is a singing security guard from Mindanao spotted by the netizens on Facebook sometime in December last year.

Meet Jagspher Flores, a Filipino security guard from Davao City. Based on his Facebook profile, he used to work at Davao Light and Power Company. If you dig a little bit into his social media account, Jagspher sees himself as a "passionate singer".

Singing security guard Back at One

The way Jagspher sang Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” in acapella will amaze you for sure.

In his Facebook post dated December 10, 2014, Jagspher said, he can only belt a few lines due to the fear of getting caught by his supervisor.
Back at one! The uncut album hahaha....medya2x lang sa ta ha kay basin sakpan tag visor hehe..
To date, Jagspher's video has gotten 5,602 likes and 4,057 shares already, and it is counting up.

Watch: Security guard sings Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” in acapella:

What are your thoughts?

He got a grand chance in landing a good spot in the Philippine music industry, right?

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