One of a kind ice cream in India. Watch how it is done! (Video)

Most probably, you have never seen this thing before - an ice cream making in India wherein, a strange-looking process is being employed.

Ice cream making in india

Ice cream is one the many desserts that everyone loves. They come in different flavors and even nature.

Without any ado, the following video taken in India will give you a different story on how ice cream can be made, served, and enjoyed.

Video: India's amazing ice cream making

The process was simple. Basically, the vendor crushes the fruits into the ice wheel. Real fruit flavoring at work.

A note on hygiene though, the food is obviously exposed to side street pollution and that includes dusts coming from the passing vehicles.

Foods like these should be processed in a dedicated and secure place.

Thanks to Saif Rajulawala for the video upload. (

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