Punches in the stomach - Truck driver vs helper: Who wins?

This old man truck driver gets punches in the stomach from his helper - who do you think will win?

old man truck driver punched in the stomach

A video shared by Facebook user Yong-yong Agustin on January 22 (Thurs) showed an old man, probably in his 50s, getting loads of heavy punches in the stomach.

According to Yong-yong, the puncher is the old man's helper. The two are believed to be delivery men of a certain beer product.

The punching exhibition took place in a certain San Miguel Beer plant in Davao.

Even Yong-yong himself tried to punch the old man's stomach, and all he had in the end are painful fists.

As of today (Jan. 25), the said video has gotten 6,206 Facebook shares already.

Watch old man truck driver getting punched in the stomach video:

Thanks to Facebook user Pal Raine for sharing the video on her timeline.

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