LOOK: Drunk Sinulog festival goers photographed sleeping on the street

A netizen on Facebook posted photos of "Sinulog Festival" goers, sleeping on the street due to drunkenness. Janis from Cebu city expressed her utter disappointment with what the young generations are doing these days.
What in the world is going on with the young generations nowadays? dili man tawn ani ang Sinulog sauna oi...This is insane!!! I was actually in the streets and witness how young generation celebrate Sinulog. This is too much!!! Where are your real friends mga inday ug undong, gipang bilin man tawn mo dha?
Sinulog is an annual cultural and religious festival in Cebu City, Philippines (Visayas region) that is celebrated in January. It is the commemoration of the Filipino people's acceptance of Christianity, wherein first of the conversions happened in 1521 during the Spaniards' arrival.

Across time, the festival became a local and even international tourist attraction.

Unfortunately, the latter generations seem to have taken the "religious activity" as just a mere get away of sort. Hence, some of them go to the event drinking liquors and other intoxicating beverages.

The photos below look like a perfect example of how some of the youth of today celebrate Sinulog.

Drunk sinulog festival participants

Here is another one, for the top view:

Drunk sinulog festival participants

Did you attend the said festival in Cebu? How did it go for you?

Hat tip to Janis Kara and Peejay Bulaong for the photos.

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