Youtube user rakes $5m by featuring toys based on Disney characters

This mystery Youtube user was the "highest earning YouTube account of 2014", Mirror reported.

DC Toys Collector Richest Youtube Account

The still unknown girl and Youtube user was able to rake in at least $5m by featuring toys based on Disney characters.

She goes by the account name "DC Toys Collector". Her channel is mainly featuring videos showing how she unboxes toys, or feature some crafty works out of them, among others.

To give you an idea on how this girl is going with those whooping million figures, take a look at this most viewed video of her on her channel - featuring a Disney Princess Play Doh dress making kit.

It has been viewed about 188M already.

DC Toys Collector joined Youtube on April 13, 2011. As of writing this post, "DC Toys Collector" Youtube page has got 3,568,077 subscribers.

Sources: Eemirates247 (Girl with richest YouTube account), Mirror (World's richest Youtube account), Hat tip to Anir Curiano.

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