Rare shark that resembles mythical sea monsters caught in Australia

A scary, mythical sea monster looking shark was caught off the waters of Australia this week. It's a frilled shark with a slender, eel-like body deep sea creature.

Frilled shark caught in australia

The frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus) is one of the still-surviving species that are sparsely distributed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They can also be found on the continental shelves and slopes.

Previous catch records say, similar sharks were found as deep as 1,570 meters or 5,150 feet down the ocean.

The frilled shark is also called a "living fossil" because of its 80 million-ish age look.

"It does look 80 million years old", said Simon Boag of Australia’s South East Trawl Fishing Association.

"It looks prehistoric. It looks like it’s from another time!", Boag added.

While there had been many kinds of rare deep sea creatures caught in the past, this specific shark is seemingly new to the list.

Just how scary looking frilled sharks are, this one has got 300 teeth over 25 rows.

Photo: http://www.setfia.org.au/
Source/s: National Geographic, Wikipedia

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