Study finds closing eyes boosts memory recall

You must have noticed this sometime, somewhere - you close your eyes while trying to remember something. It maybe an innate body and mind coordinated language but it looks like it is really a practical tool.

In a recent study, which examined eyewitnesses to crimes, researchers found out that closing one's eyes intensifies memory recall.

The eyewitnesses are more likely to remember clues and patch things up with their eyes closed.

But there is more to closing the eyes, the study added. It was also found that people who make good rapport with the interrogating person are more likely to remember key points.

"It is clear from our research that closing the eyes and building rapport help with witness recall", Dr. Robert Nash, lead researcher from the University of Surrey in the Southeast of England said.

The study pointed out that a person's vision could be taking up a lot of the brain's processing function. Hence, disabling vision increases a person's memory recall and focus. (Source: Press TV Image:

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