VIDEO: This meat glue means no more rare steaks?

Scrap meats glued together to produce premium cuts is definitely a thing to ponder on!

meat glue

Are you a fan of those preciously served premium beef stakes by the famous restaurants in your area? Perhaps it is high time to be vigilant about this so called "meat glue".

Once the desired product is produced, it will be hard to identify. In fact, until recently, there is no clear cut procedure on how to do so. Unless you are a practicing vegetarian, your chances of eating scrap meats glued together by the said material are way too high.

It is such a challenge to uncover meat glue secrets, so much so, its clear identity.

Meat glue or "transglutaminase" is actually an enzyme that exhibits blood Coagulation or clotting. The blood changes from liquid to gel. The chemical reaction in the process itself produces a molecule of ammonia.

Here's a video discussing the meat glue secrets:

The best move to avoid the potential health risks involving meat glues? Well, maybe a secured meat shop or slaughterhouse to take care of the meat business. Else, you would have to raise your own farm and meat produce for your ultimate safety. (Image:

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