WATCH: Amazing cyclist balances gas tank on his head

This incredible cyclist, perhaps a gas tank delivery man, will blow you off with his balancing skill.

cyclist with gas tank on head

Can we say, his balancing ability is on the intense level?

Meanwhile, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a man was video-taped riding a bicycle with a LPG tank on his head completely unsupported. He negotiates the road even dealing with the traffic light cycle at an intersection, which took about several seconds.

In many remote parts of the world, specially those that do not enjoy the comfort of freight transportation and accessibility in general, you may see locals carrying their goods on their heads. In some parts of Africa for one, people fetch water and carry their buckets on their heads.

water on head

"Mali is a large, landlocked country in Western Africa, two thirds of which is desert" (

Watch the video: Amazing cyclist balances gas tank on his head - riding like a boss.

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