100+ pilot whales died due to stranding in New Zealand

At least 100 pilot whales died due to stranding on a New Zealand beach - Farewell Spit at the northern tip of the South Island, conservation officials said on Saturday.

pilot whales in new zealand

The sad fate of the marine mammals started on Friday. Despite volunteers' efforts of re-floating them, the whales still succumbed to their untimely deaths.

According to the reports released by New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DOC), the whales swam aground again after being shepherd to the deep waters.

"We've now got 103 that are confirmed dead and we're trying to keep the rest alive", DOC spokesman Andrew Lamason told AFP.

"There's about 150 volunteers trying to make them as comfortable as possible, they're putting sheets on them and water over them.. But we're preparing ourselves for a pretty bad outcome, each time they re-strand their health goes down quite dramatically.", Lamason added.

Lamason said, should things go worse, euthanasia would be discussed.

The volunteers are hoping for the best for the stranded pilot whales.

Source: Yahoo News PH, BBC

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