20 pinoy seafarers found without food on board Japanese company owned ship

Meanwhile, at least 20 Filipino seafarers were found without food on board a Japanese company operated ship "Bulk Brasil" berthed at Port Kembla, in New South Wales, Australia.

Bulk Brasil

The ship, which is operated by a Japanese Company Keymax contains Australian cargo bound for the United Kingdom.

The said company has been under issues for past 20 years or so.

According to International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) National Co-ordinator Dean Summers, it is shocking that Keymax has signed agreements with the ITF saying it will pay an "International Minimum Standard". Yet, it's seafarers are still unpaid for four months already.

"Over the past 20 years the ships have improved, but the quality of management and respect for seafarers is probably at an all time low", Summers said told ABC.net.au.

Summers also gave the following comments concerning the involved cargo owners:
The Australian cargo owners, those that make profits selling their cargo to international markets, have to take responsibility for this.
You can’t just put your cargo on the crappiest, cheapest ship, that doesn’t feed and doesn’t pay it’s seafarers and say it’s not your responsibility.
So we’re looking for the cargo owner and we’ll be holding them up to some responsibility in this as well.
As per findings of "Mission to Seafarers Australia", there were at least 20 unpaid Filipino workers on board the Bulk Brasil.

Source/s: Inquirer, ABC.net.au

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