Alleged girl in circulating 'Bagito Scandal' video appeals to the public

'Bagito scandal video' might have flooded your Facebook timelines in the past days or so. The news is also circulating around through different blogs.

bagito scandal video girl - alleged

'Bagito scandal' spread like wildfire through social media.

While many of you might have feasted over the scandalous video material, other innocent persons out there could be suffering from unnecessary repercussions.

Take the case of this girl, who happens to be wearing the same school uniform with that of the girl in the said video.

Chezca Guinhawa strongly denied the allegations that she is the girl in the circulating scandal video.

Her denial video was posted on Facebook group named "TAGALOG JOKES PARA SA TROPANG HENYO" by Renkz Centeno.

Watch the video of alleged "Bagito Scandal" girl, Chezca Guinhawa trying to clear her name:

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