LOOK: Bizarre-looking creature scares Sarawak plantation workers

Somewhere in Sarawak, a team of Indonesian oil palm plantation workers were terrified when suddenly, a strange-looking creature charged at them.

Sun Bear in Sarawak

The incident happened on Friday (Jan 30) at Bintangor-Sibu Road.

The bizarre creature had sharp claws. In an apparent attack, one of the workers hit the animal until it passed out.

According to Borneo Post, the creature is actually a sun bear.

Sun Bear

By how it looked, the  bear was suffering from a certain kind of skin disease, Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) remarked.

"We are not sure what sickness. Due to floods, our Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) is unable to do any rescuing. Therefore, we can only confirm once we rescue this animal.. The reason why it appeared at the plantation (on Friday) is because its habitat had been flooded," the spokesperson said, adding that there is a secondary forest near the plantation.", SFC added.

Watch the video as the bear makes its way back to the forest:

Source: Asia One Malaysia

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