Cuteness overload! Adorable twins sing 'Let It Go' from Disney's 'Frozen'

For our Friday cuteness alert, you got to loosen things up and watch these adorable twins Maddie and Zoe, who were then 4-year olds at the time of filming (2014), singing "Let It Go" from Disney's "Frozen" movie.

Maddie and Zoe Let It Go

We bet, even Idina Menzel would find this pure and raw performance cute.

Maddie and Zoe are twins living in Los Angeles. Their video singing "Let It Go" went viral last year. Well, it looks like it still is, since it has been roaming around the social media portals. The twins' video on Youtube got 40,535,573 views already, since its upload on January 2, 2014.

Watch Maddie and Zoe's singing:

That yawning part was just super cute, wouldn't you agree?

According to the kids' father Aaron Mendez, the video was not made to show off his daughters' singing skills, but rather to show how two 4-year olds "just GO FOR IT!!! Pure, raw, heartfelt and completely innocent!".

Mendez assured to get his girls some voice lessons in the future to hone their skills.

The proud father said, the video was basically meant for friends and family on Facebook, but it sure did bring overflowing joy to people from around world.

Source: YoutubeThe Bert Show, ABC News

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