Bagito moves? Elementary students 'Valentine' proposal video goes viral

Is this the aftermath of the recent Bagito scandal that got viral online just recently?

bagito moves of Gio Catacutan

On February 13, a video uploaded by Jan Nathan Ponseca on Facebook showed a male student from San Fernando Elementary School in Pampanga, dropping to his knee to offer chocolates and a stuff toy to a girl while other students watch and giggle over.

A group of young boys can also be seen doing a serenade - holding pieces of papers bearing the phrase "Will You Be My Valentine?"

bagito moves of Gio Catacutan

Romantic it may seem but these are kids trying to pull off an adult act.

Watch the video:

CoolBuster asked, if it was even appropriate for the said students to do such an act at a very young age.

Today, the video has got 7,030 shares and 303,501 views as of 11:56 a.m.

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