Google honors the inventor of battery, Alessandro Volta

Today's Google Doodle features an artwork dedicated to the 270th birthday of Italian physicist Alessandro Volta.

Alessandro Volta

Born on February 18, 1745, Volta was a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como, a town in the present-day northern Italy. It is located near the Swiss border.

The Italian scholar also landed an academic mentoring position at the University of Pavia as a professor of experimental physics. He chaired the department for almost 40 years.

Alessandro Volta Google Doodle

He was the person who improved and popularized the "Electrophorus", a device that can produce static electricity.

Volta also delved into the chemistry of gases, leading him to discover methane.

Under the influences of William Nicholson, Tiberius Cavallo, and Abraham Bennet, Volta eventually discovered the "Voltaic Pile". It is the very first electrical battery that can continuously supply an electrical current to a circuit. His related experiments were published in 1800.

Voltaic Pile

Volta's battery was regarded as the first electrochemical cell.

Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was known  for the invention of the electric cell, discovery of methane, volt, voltage, and the voltmeter.

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