Hong Kong employer abusing Indonesian maid sparks international outrage

A Hong Kong employer was accused of torturing her Indonesian maid - a domestic violence issue that sparked international attention since January.

Hong Kong employer vs Indonesian Maid

The 44-year old Law Wan Tung, a mother of two, was then arrested in the same month for prosecution.

Indonesian domestic helper Erwiana Sulistyaningsih said, she was subjected by Tung to torture and starvation.

Shocking photos of Sulistyaningsih showing her injuries she sustained from her employer were presented to the court, Strait Times reported.

In the latest news, Law Wan Tung is said to have been proven guilty of the abuse.

The prosecution took six-weeks. Based on relevant findings, the prosecutors said, the accused used household items such as mops, clothes hanger and even ruler as "weapons" to hurt her maids.

The case of Sulistyaningsih attracted protests by migrant workers, stressing on the plight of the domestic helpers in Asia and the Middle East.

hongkong protest over indonesia maid abuse
Photo: tablet.todayonline.com
Source: The Strait TimesNY Daily News, Today Online

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