Islamophobia: Muslim hate in Australia social experiment (VIDEO)

So much of the prejudice in this world! Unnecessary fear and hatred towards people of other religions or beliefs are but negative vibes that keep this world's chaos rolling.

Islamophobia social experiment in australia

Speaking of Islam, did it ever cross your mind how is "Islamophobia" going on in Australia?

Islamophobia social experiment in australia
Watch this very moving video of a social experiment conducted by the Macquarie University Muslim students Association for Islamic Awareness Week 2014 "iSlamPhobia".

While the exact meaning of "Islamophobia" is still under debates, some say it is some sort of a racism. Some say, it is somewhat connected to the increased presence of Muslims in the secular nations.

This is just so moving - Australians stood up for Muslims in this significant social experiment.

This may warrant to say that "Islamophobia is not welcome in Australia". Do you agree?

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