Jakarta tops list for 'World's Worst Traffic Jams', says survey

In a survey conducted by Castrol last year, it was found out that Indonesia's capital Jakarta has the worst traffic jams compared to other key cities and regions in the world, including China, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Jakarta Traffic 2015

Castrol's "Magnatec Stop-Start Index" data came from the records taken by users of TomTom's GPS navigation device around the world.

According to the findings, Jakarta drivers suffer 33,240 stop-starts per year, which simply means, they spent almost 30 percent of their total journey time "going nowhere" (David Thorpe).

How "Stop-Start Index" is calculated? "
Using a specially devised algorithm, we are able to calculate the number of stops and starts encountered during a trip. (Magnatec Castrol)
Excluding Metro Manila (Philippines), here's the ten (10) cities with the most number of stop-starts per car a year:

1. Jakarta, Indonesia (33,240)
2. Istanbul, Turkey (32, 520)
3. Mexico City, Mexico (30,840)
4. Surabaya, Indonesia (29,880)
5. St. Petersburg, Russia (29,040)
6. Moscow, Russia (28,680)
7. Rome, Italy (28,680)
8. Bangkok, Thailand (27,480)
9. Guadalajara, Mexico (24,840)
10. Buenos Aires, Argentina (23,760)

On the other hand, here are the cities with the lowest number of stops-starts:

1. Tampere, Finland (6,240 stops-stars per car per year)
2. Rotterdam, The Netherlands (6,360)
3-4. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (6,840)
3-4. Bratislava, Slovakia (6,840)
5. Brisbane, Australia (6,960)
6. Antwerp, Belgium (7,080)
7. Porto, Portugal (7,200)
8. Brno, Czech Republic (7,320)
9. Copenhagen, Denmark (7,440)
10. Kosice, Slovakia (7,440)

Impressively, 8 out 10 cities are in Europe.

Other source/s: Magnatec Castrol

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