Japan's apology for 1945 Battle of Manila is long overdue, says victims foundation head

Japan's apology for the 1945 Battle of Manila is "long overdue", said head of the group of survivors and descendants of noncombatant victims of the battle, Juan Jose Rocha.

Battle of Manila
Photo: battleofmanila.org
The above remark was mentioned by Rocha during the memorial ceremony last Saturday.

The tragedy claimed around 70,000 civilian lives, while the remaining 30,000 died in crossfire between U.S. and Japanese forces.

The fallen innocent individuals were "victims of heinous crimes or massacres", related Rocha.

Rocha said:
The war is over. We are close friends now with Japan, as we should be. But history is history
"We ask Japan: Please stop trying to rewrite history. Come to terms with your past.", Rocha added.

On the other hand, Kazuya Asakawa of the Japanese nonprofit organization Bridge For Peace remarked that there are still a lot of Japanese who are unaware of what really happened in 1945, more so of the human tragedies during the war. (Source: http://www.japantimes.co.jp)

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