Mamasapano SAF 44 gruesome video uploader surfaces

The uploader of Mamasapano SAF 44 viral video appeared on Wednesday at the National Bureau of Investigation (Region XI office in Davao City), ABS-CBN News Davao reported.

Mamasapano gruesome saf 44 video uploader

The video showed the brutal finish done to an already injured Special Action Force trooper during the Mamasapano encounter.

According to "Yang-yang", not his real name, he just downloaded the video file from his friend's Facebook page. Hence, he denied the allegations that he was the original uploader.

The primary source of the material is said to be from Kidapawan City. Yang-yang promised to cooperate with the authorities in order to locate the video's first uploader.

Yang-yang deactivated his social media accounts after receiving threats and negative comments from the netizens.

He appealed to the public and said, his intention was only for the masses to know what happened during the clash in Mamasapano on January 25. (Source: ABS-CBN News)

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