Mo Twister criticizes Pacquiao over announcement of fight with Mayweather

DJ Mo Twister slammed boxing champ Manny Pacquiao over announcement of the most awaited fight with American boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Mo Twister vs. Manny Pacquiao

On Twitter posts on February 21 (Sat), Twister said, Manny Pacquiao saying "to God be all the Glory" does not make sense.

Manny Pacquiao announce fight with Mayweather

"..But for Manny to say Glory to God that the fight is on, yet it's a barbaric form of entertainment wherein you hurt humans in exchange for massive wealth, doesn't make sense. You hurt people for a living, to be rich, for pride (ours and yours) so leave shouldn't God be left out of it?", DJ Mo ranted.

Here are the actual Tweets:

Netizens got mixed reactions over the so called "self-righteousness" of Mo.

Some of the comments were:
How bout u just shut up and be happy that the fight is finally on dang u find negativity in everything
stop being so self-righteous, you're becoming like those rich politically correct spoiled brats you often hate. #sellout be not.

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Ikaw naisip nyo din ba ni Rhian (Ramos) ang Diyos habang pina A nyo ang baby nyo?
Both Pacquiao and Twister are still silent about this social media ruckus.

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