'Rude' video of Celebs, TV5 hosts honking at sleeping passenger of AUV irates netizens

A disturbing and rude video of two celebrities - hosts of a TV5 show "Happy Wife, Happy Life" appeared on Top Gear Philippines' Facebook page this morning.

RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer honking at sleeping passenger

According to one of the comments in the said social media post, the two television personalities were RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer.

The hosts were seen trying to piss off a passenger, apparently sleeping inside an AUV (Asian Utility Vehicle). Obviously, they did the stunt just for sake of having fun.

Apparently, Enriquez and Maierhofer were able to wake the sleeping commuter up.

Passenger inside the AUV
The video starts with Ms. Enriquez giving some introduction of what they are going to do:
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, ang gagawin po namin is bubusina po kami para magising si kuya. (Okay, ladies and gentlemen, what we are going to do is, we honk to wake "kuya" up)
The girls giggled their heart out seeing the poor guy disturbed from what could be his much needed sleep due to perhaps, tiredness from work.

Netizens flared up over what the female celebrities did.

"Some people can buy their own cars... But class can never be bought and breeding is never for sale.", said one of the commenters.

Other comments:

Here is the video where RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer having the precious time in their car at the expense of the sleeping guy inside the public transport vehicle:

What is your take on this? Is this the female version of "Beast Mode"? - that guy who posted a video on how to bully fellow motorists?

Source: Top Gear Philippines

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