Self defense for women: Easy moves that you can use in the street

Self defense for women sounds like an overlooked idea but we have to admit that crimes or perhaps abuses and harassments can happen anytime at any place.

self defense for women

Women, specially when alone become vulnerable to attackers; Basic self defense moves can be of big help as the need arises.

While a self defense course maybe tedious and time consuming at the same time, the following simple but vital moves shown in the video below can be of big help.

Think about giving yourself one true insurance that you can pull out anytime when under the subject of the predators.

You can also use these simple self defense moves to protect those who count on you. They can be your parents, siblings or maybe kids.

Watch the video: Self defense for women: Easy moves that you can use

Post by AWARE.

Remember what the video said: "The goal of self-defense is survival, not winning". At least for women, your survival can get you the needed time to seek for help.

This is women empowerment in the real world.

Abuses on women - they happen as you were reading this post.

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