WATCH: Taxi driver vs. Van driver fist fight caught on video

Two drivers were spotted in the middle of the street having a fist fight because of a minute road dispute.

taxi vs van driver fist fight

Motoring magazine TopGear Philippines featured the video, which captured the road rage; Netizens had mixed comments.

TopGear captioned the post:
If you think about it, some driver out there is willing to do this just to settle a petty motoring dispute. And spectators will even egg him on. So always keep your cool. (Video from Emmanuel John Valmonte)
The video sent by Valmonte got 17,840 likes and 10,185 shares, as of 6:03 PM on February 10, 2015.

The fist fight was a bit of one-sided of sort in terms of aggressiveness. The van's driver seem to have gotten better control of his anger compared to the taxi driver. The former was more of just fending the attacks rather than giving the real fight back to the other driver.

In spite of the onlookers' verbal provocation, the van's driver kept his cool.

Watch the video:

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