Toddler accidentally shoots parents after reaching into mother's purse for iPod

A three year-old kid from Albuquerque, New Mexico accidentally shot his parents after reaching into his mother's purse to get an iPod. Instead of the gadget, he got a loaded hand gun.

toddler shoots parents in new mexico

In a very quick turn of an event, the toddler was able to fire the 9mm pistol injuring his father and his eight months pregnant mother.

Justin Reynolds and Monique Villescas were brought to hospital for immediate treatment.

This incident is so far the latest when it comes to injuries involving unsecured weapons.

Last month, similar incident happened in Missouri. Then in December last year, a mother doing some shopping rounds at a Walmart store died.
..her two-year-old son reached into her purse and accidentally fired her handgun. (Telegraph UK)
Reynolds and Villescas could be facing possible criminal charges due to negligence.

Police spokesman Simon Drobik said:
The Albuquerque Police Department cannot emphasise enough that if you choose to be a gun owner always secure and lock up your firearm out of the reach of children and adolescents.
Source: Telegraph UK

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