WATCH: TransAsia plane crash lands in Taipei river caught on video

This just got in! A TransAsia Airways plane crash just happened in Taiwan on Wednesday (Feb 4); It landed in a Taipei river, The Guardian reported.

Update: Death Toll

TransAsia plane crash

A motorist was able to capture a scary video with his dashcam while traversing the motorway where the terrifying aviation accident happened.


According to Taiwanese state media, the plane identified as an ATR-72 was carrying 53 people.

Initial reports stated that 12 people were rescued, while at least 10 were still trapped in the plane.

Sometime in July last year, another TransAsia ATR-72 met the same accident. The plane crashed on the Taiwanese island of Penghu. Records said, 48 people were killed, while 10 survived.

Twitter update from GMA News:
Sources: The Guardian, Channel News Asia

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