UK pushes making babies from DNA of 3 people experiments

Britain is determined in taking its DNA related projects to a whole new level; It moved to allow scientists to "create humans from the DNA of three people", Philly said in an article on Wednesday.

Replacing DNA

"The technology aims to liberate future generations from inherited diseases", Philly added.

UK's House of Commons voted 382-178 in favor of a legislation that will license the related experiments for the said undertaking.

Should it get approved in the "House of Lords", Britain will be the first ever country in the world to allow genetic modifications in human embryos.

However, critics say, this scientific mission may cross a boundary that could lead to the creation of "designer babies." It may cross a red line since the genetic changes will be carried over to the future generations - there could be unforeseen consequences.

It is even called as a "bold step" by Britain's Health Minister Jane Ellison.

Source/s: Philly, Denver Post

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