VIRAL: Video of unborn baby playing inside mother's tummy

Did it ever cross your mind that unborn babies do actually play inside their mother's wombs? Well, they do, as shown in this Youtube video that was uploaded sometime in 2010.

baby plays inside mothers tummy

Seeing the baby jumping and moving around inside her mommy's tummy is both cute and powerful message of life at the same time.

According to the mother of the baby, the video was taken during one of her ultrasound sessions - somewhere between 8-12 weeks of her pregnancy.

"I think I was somewhere between 8-12 weeks pregnant because I could not feel her movements. If it wasn’t for the sono, I would not believe it. Thank you, as well. She’s an absolute joy.", then expectant mother Sherine Gayle-Slater said.

Watch the video:

Source: Life News, Youtube

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