Airbus A320 German Wings plane crash in Southern France, '150' passengers: 'No survivors expected'

An Airbus A320 plane crash just happened in Southern France on Tuesday, reported RT.

German Wings Flight 4U9525 accident

The German Wings plane took off from Barcelona on its way to Dusseldorf.

Flight 4U9525 was carrying 142 passengers and eight crew members.

According to the latest Tweet of RT as of writing this post, the plane's debris were spotted by an aerial reconnaissance. "No survivors expected", the social media post assumed.

The exact number of people who perished in the crash is still tentative but according to French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, it is "likely to be between 142 and 150."

The aviation accident took place near the small town of Barcelonnette. It is somewhere in the French Alps, which is close to the Italian border.

Last known position of the Germanwings flight:

Here's a closer look at the German Wings' last known position  (

Last known position of German Wings

French PM Manuel Valls said, he has "..dispatched the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to the scene of the crash.", RT wrote.

President Francois Hollande said there were no survivors among the 148 people on board, RTL reported. "There were 148 people on board," French President Francois Hollande said. "The conditions of the accident, which have not yet been clarified, lead us to think there are no survivors."He also expressed condolences to the families of the victims on his official Twitter account.
Sources:, Twitter

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