Alleged Cebu vice mayor scandal gets pregnant wife charged with frustrated murder

Lawyer Jiecel Tiu filed frustrated murder charges against the seven weeks pregnant wife Cebu vice mayor Jonah John Ungab, following a parking lot altercation and baseball bat hitting incident.

Jealousy pushed the pregnant wife to confront and attack the lawyer on Thursday  in Cebu City.

Tiu and Mrs. Ungab crossed ways in the parking lot of Centro Maximo Building in Barangay Cogon Ramos.

Accordng to Tiu, Ungab approached her then banged her car's window.

"She tried to open the door. Since could not do it, she ran back to her Nissan Navarra and I proceeded to exit the parking area. But then Pearl chased my car and purposely smashed the passenger window at the back of my car. I got really scared and proceeded to leave the parking area, Tiu said.

Afraid of what might transpire, Tiu decided to drive away and park her car near the office of the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (Citom).

Ungab continued to pursue then smashed the driver's window of Tiu's car with the use of a baseball bat.

"When the window got destroyed, she then opened the lock and hit me with the baseball bat, Tiu added.

Luckily, a Citom officer arrived and took the baseball bat away from Mrs. Ungab.

Tiu needed to be brought to a hospital for the treatment of her wounds on her left shoulder and behind her left ear.

Lawyer Jiecel Tiu wounds due to baseball bat hitting
Photo grab: newsinfo.inquirer
Ungab has been suspecting that her husband and Tiu have been having an illicit affair. The latter denied the accusation.

Tiu said, this was not the first time she got attacked by Ungab.
Even before this happened, she already threatened me a number of times (Atty. Tiu)
Tiu said, she had to leave the vice Mayor's law office as Mrs. Ungab has been stalking her.
his wife kept on following me.
"She has been fabricating stories and evidence against me.", related Tiu.

Mrs. Ungab is now under hospital arrest because of her condition.

The baseball bat used by Ungab in the attack
Ungab's Baseball Bat
Sources: Inquirer, Cebu Daily News (Inquirer)

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