Batangas City Pier users: Count your change before leaving the ticket counter!

In his last seven trips going home to Mindoro with his wife, Mimo Perez discovered many times in a row that his change has always been short of P100 or P200.

Batangas City Pier

The personnel at the terminal ticket counter in Batangas City pier seem to pull off the the same trick, time and time again, Perez noted.

After the first incident, Mr. Perez tried to conduct a little observation. He purposely handed P500 or at times, P1000 bill to the counter. For five times, he found out that the change(s) were given short of the above-mentioned amounts.

Perez said, if you do complain, the ticketing person will return the lacking amount. But how about the passengers in a rush and do not take time to count their money? Perez asked.

From the looks of it, the issue involving Batangas City Pier is rather way beyond inaccurate "changing" practice. Other matters pointed out by Perez in his Facebook post were the following:

  1. Terminal fee, cleanliness and maintenance
  2. Discourteous terminal staff
  3. Lack of product choices in the terminal shopping outlets and restaurants
  4. Porters mentioning their meager share from the payment they receive from passengers
  5. No smoking policy is not well enforced
  6. Poor access and connectivity between the bus and ferry terminal. It poses problems to passengers with heavy cargos and accompanying kids, and senior citizens
Here is the full text of Perez' post:

Batangas City Pier management, what are your takes on this?

What is your side of story?

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