Davao residence almost robbed by bogus credit investigator

A residence in Davao was almost hit by a potential robber after Mr. Carlo and his wife went out to do some errands. Left in the house are Carlo's mother-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law and his kids.

Photo of the fake motortrade credit investigator

At around 3:30 PM on Monday, a guy claiming to be a credit investigator (CI) came to Carlo's house to conduct a supposed procedure.

According to the CI, he is from Motortrade, a motorcycle dealer in the Philippines. He said, Mr. Carlo and his wife applied to get a motorcycle, hence a credit assessment has to be done. The guy insisted to take photos inside Carlo's house for filing purposes.

Luckily, Carlo's sister-in-law managed to call her sister to verify things. Carlo's wife denied the CI's claim.

Perhaps, a blessing in disguise as well that a guy from the Carlos' neighborhood came to use wifi.

This might have deterred the bogus investigator to pursue his evil intentions. He left eventually.

Here's the full story as posted by Mr. Carlo on Facebook group page "Davao City's Public Safety and Security CC /911/TMC Support".

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/519051534870162/permalink/698766456898668/

Bogus motortrade credit investigator

The incident happened in Barangay Dumoy of sub-district Talomo, Davao City.

Hat tip to Pal Raine for featuring this issue on her Facebook timeline.

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