Muslim diners in CDO! Beware of Gerry's Grill, Centrio

Muslim fellows living in Cagayan De Oro might need some sort of reconsideration when it comes to urban dining.

If you are out there trying to get a decent score of a Halal meal (Islamically lawful), you better think twice, let alone taking the risk of getting in because you assume they could be doing it just right.

A few days ago, we saw this Facebook post titled "Gerry's Grill, Centrio CDO cooks fish and pork on the same metal frame":

CDO Gerry's Grill

Although a basic rule of thumb to carry is to think that any restaurant that sells both Halal and Non-Halal meats could be cooking things using the same utensils, it is rather appalling to discover how the Gerry's Grill manager lied to a curious Muslim customer.

Had the Muslim diner did not insist, the truth behind Gerry's Grill in CDO could have been unknown.

Well,  at any rate, take the safer course - ask to know the truth.

Hat tip to Kai Darul for sharing this material on her Facebook timeline.

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